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Data Requests

The Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections office maintains electronic records for all registered voters in Hillsborough County.  Pursuant to Section 119.01, Florida Statutes, these records are considered public information and may be requested by any person.

The Supervisor of Elections office produces two types of reports: standard and custom.  All reports are available via electronic download, CD, DVD, or printout.


The following standard reports are published at the beginning of each month and are available for download in either text delimited or Microsoft Excel format.

  1. Entire Voter Database
  2. All Republican Voters 
  3. All Democratic Voters 
  4. All NPA/Minor Party Voters 
  5. Prior Month New Voter Registrations 
  6. Prior Month New Republican Voter Registrations 
  7. Prior Month New Democratic Voter Registrations 
  8. Prior Month New NPA/Minor Party Voter Registrations

 To request access to these standard reports, please complete the Standard Voter Data Request Form.


In addition to the standard reports listed above, the Supervisor of Elections office can produce custom voter registration reports upon request.  To request a custom voter registration report, please complete the Custom Voter Data Request Form.


To request access to the Vote By Mail (Absentee) voter data files, please complete and follow the instructions on the Vote By Mail Data Request Form.  Please note that Absentee voter information is only available to authorized members of the public as defined in Florida Election Law (section 101.62 (3)).