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March 25: Registration Deadline
April 14 - 20: Early Voting
April 23: Election Day

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Adopt A Precinct

Adopt A Precinct is what we call a win-win-win. We partner with nonprofits, who recruit poll workers willing to donate their poll worker wages to the nonprofit. We find that poll workers who come on board through Adopt A Precinct are typically community minded, customer service oriented people who do a great job on Election Day! It's a triple win because we get great poll workers, our nonprofit partners enjoy a fun and relatively easy fundraiser, and everyone benefits from the work the nonprofit is doing for the community. If you've never participated before and you'd like to find out more, email us or call us at 744-5900. 


If you've never done Adopt A Precinct, here's something you can share with others to encourage participation.

Each organization participating in Adopt A Precinct needs to assign an agency coordinator whose job is to recruit participants and let us know who is participating. Agency coordinators should click here to review your responsibilities and access the (minimal) paperwork necessary to keep us all organized.  

All participants must complete this short online application to be a poll worker, read the AAP Program Guidelines, and participate in training before each election.