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April 14 - 20: Early Voting
April 23: Election Day

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Poll Worker Online Application


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Please provide the following additional information so that we can complete your application process, then press the Submit button below.

Are you a registered voter in Hillsborough County? (If no, you must register to vote)

Voter Registration #: [Optional]

Are you retired from the Florida State Retirement System?

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Are you working with our Adopt A Precinct or Drop Site program?

If Yes, which agency?

Do you have experience using an electronic tablet?

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Have you ever worked as a poll worker before?

Do you speak a second language?

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By selecting the Submit button, I agree to comply with all pertinent election laws and regulations including completion of all mandatory training. I understand, If I do not work Election Day (no matter the circumstances), I will not be paid for training. I certify I meet all qualifications and requirements to be a poll worker, as stated on the Hillsborough County website.

I understand, as a poll worker, I serve at the will of the Supervisor of Elections and may be removed at any time, with or without cause. I also understand I may not be called to work every election. If working under the Adopt A Precinct/Drop Site program, I agree to assign my stipend to the designated agency. I agree that clicking Submit is the legal equivalent of my manual signature on this application.