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April 14 - 20: Early Voting
April 23: Election Day

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Requirements & Positions

What does it take to run a countywide election here in Hillsborough County? The numbers are impressive:  approximately 2,500 poll workers and 270 polling places!

Our poll workers are trained individuals who are active voters, serving their community with pride. They interact well with the public and work well in stressful situations.  

If you would like to join our team and become an Election Day poll worker, please read through this section of our website carefully and familiarize yourself with the various poll worker positions and the training you will be expected to complete. It's a bit too early for us to accept poll worker applications for the 2020 elections. In the fall of 2019, a poll worker application will be available on this website.

We look forward to working with you! For more information, call the Poll Worker Department at (813) 744-5855, or send an email to


All poll workers must complete online and in-class training, and plan to work at their polling place on Election Day from 6 a.m. until the last voter has voted and closing procedures have been completed. Most poll workers will also help set up their polling place the day before the election. (Poll workers who help with set up receive a small additional stipend.)

The Clerk is in charge of the overall management of the tasks, activities and poll workers in the polling place. The Clerk ensures that order is maintained, policies and procedures are followed, and the election team performs its duties correctly on Election Day. Clerks earn $250 to attend training, pick up Election Day supplies and work on Election Day. 

The Assistant Clerk assists the Clerk and is ready and available to serve as Clerk in the event the Clerk is unable to perform his or her duties. The Assistant Clerk uses an electronic poll book to verify voter information and communicates with the Supervisor of Elections Office to resolve voter eligibility issues. Assistant Clerks earn $220 for attending training and working on Election Day. 

The Tech Specialist sets up and maintains our electronic poll books used for voter check-in and our DS200 ballot scanners/tabulators. Tech Specialists earn $210 for attending training and working on Election Day.

Inspectors check-in voters using an electronic poll book, issue ballots, instruct voters on where and how to mark and cast their ballot, and hand out our popular "I Voted" stickers. Inspectors earn $170 for attending training and working on Election Day. 

A Deputy maintains order outside the polling place, ensures compliance with the no solicitation zone, and ensures that the polling room is accessible to all voters. A Deputy earns $150 for attending training and working on Election Day.

The Poll Worker Checklist

To be a poll worker, you must:

  • be a registered voter in Hillsborough
  • read, write and speak the English language
  • be able to work a 14-hour day, with patience and courtesy to others
  • be able to lift 15 to 30 pounds
  • have an email address and access to a computer and the internet
  • have reliable transportation (Not public transportation) 
  • successfully complete all training and assessments prior to each election
  • remain nonpartisan while at the polls
  • refrain from any comments or discussion concerning a voter, a voter’s party preference, a candidate, or issue, while working at the polls
  • abide by a no smoking policy on Election Day


For additional information, call the Poll Worker Department at (813) 744-5855 or email