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March 25: Registration Deadline
April 14 - 20: Early Voting
April 23: Election Day

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Standard Voter Data Request Form

Voter registration and voting history information is public record under Florida law. You may use this form to request access to the standard voter data information files published by the Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections Office at the beginning of each month. 

The voter registration information provided will include the voter's name, address, precinct, and elections in which they have voted. 

Each month, the Supervisor of Elections Office publishes a set of standard voter data files. The following files are available for download from our MediaFire download site in delimited text and Microsoft Excel formats: 

1. Entire Voter Database
2. All Republican Voters
3. All Democratic Voters
4. All NPA/Minor Party Voters 
5. Prior Month New Voter Registrations
6. Prior Month New Republican Voter Registrations
7. Prior Month New Democratic Voter Registrations
8. Prior Month New NPA/Minor Party Voter Registrations

Once you've completed this form, you may select "Send Copy" to receive a copy of your request via email. Make sure to click "Submit" to complete the request. Once enrolled, you will receive an email notification with a link to download the files.

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