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8/13-8/26, 10 AM - 6 PM: Early Voting

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On the Ballot

Find out what will be on your ballot in the upcoming election. Just fill in the fields below and you'll see your voter information. Once that information appears, just scroll down to the Future Elections box and click on Sample Ballot* in the top left corner of that box.  

*If you want to print your sample ballot, please note that the document size is 8.5 x 14 and set your printer accordingly.

Click on the links below to see our "All Races Sample Ballots" for the Primary Election. These sample ballots include all races, including those that are district-specific. The ballot you receive will be based on your party affiliation and residential address, and will not include all of these races. 


13 amendments have been approved for the 2018 General Election ballot.  

Find a list of amendments that have been approved for the ballot here. (Click on "Made Ballot" and then "Run Query" to see the 13 approved amendments.)