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6/18 - 6/22: Candidate Qualifying

7/04: Independence Day

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On the Ballot

The candidates and issues you vote on are determined by where you live. Once ballots for the upcoming election have been created, you can fill in the information below to see who will be on your ballot in our upcoming election. When the information pops up, look for the "Sample Ballot" link just below the name of the election. It's a good idea to review this sample ballot before you head out to vote. Or better yet, print it and bring it with you for reference. (We also mail personalized sample ballots to our voters. Watch for your sample ballot to arrive in the mail just before Early Voting begins.)


13 amendments have been approved for the 2018 General Election ballot.  

Find a list of amendments that have been approved for the ballot here. (Click on "Made Ballot" and then "Run Query" to see the 13 approved amendments.)