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 Feb. 25 - March 3: Early Voting
March 1: Canvassing Board Mtg 
March 5: Mail Ballots Due
March 5: Election Day

Events, public meetings & more:

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On the Ballot

Prior to each election, you can fill in the fields below to access your personal voter information. Once that information appears, scroll down to the Future Elections box and click on Sample Ballot in the top left corner of that box. Our City of Tampa sample ballot is available now -- just fill in the information in the boxes below to find your ballot.  

You can also view a City of Tampa Municipal Election All Races Sample Ballot here. This includes all races that will be voted on in the City of Tampa Municipal Election, including city-wide and district-specific races. The City of Tampa Municipal Election ballot includes 18 proposed amendments to the City Charter. To see the full text of the proposed changes to the charter, click here.