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 Feb. 25 - March 3: Early Voting
March 1: Canvassing Board Mtg 
March 5: Mail Ballots Due
March 5: Election Day

Events, public meetings & more:

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Join our Election Team

Our election team is made up of engaged people from all walks of life who are committed to making Hillsborough County the best place in America to vote. 

We have had a great response to our 2018 General Election recruitment efforts. If you apply for a position below and are not contacted in response to your application, it may be because we no longer have an opening available that matches your interests and qualifications. We work with the following agencies throughout the year to fill our temporary employment needs. You may wish to contact them directly to see if they are filling any temporary staffing needs for us. 

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poll worker

Be an Election Day poll worker. 

We're looking for friendly people who can confidently work with voters and make sure they have a great experience voting. You'll be checking voters in, handing out ballots, directing people around the polling place, keeping the equipment running, or giving out "I Voted" stickers. 


September/October:  Training (2 - 5 hrs)
November 5: Polling place set-up, if available (2 hrs)
November 6: Election Day (6 a.m. - approx 8 p.m.)

Earn $150 to $250, depending on the position

Apply here.
Do you work for Hillsborough County Government? Find out about the civic leave program here.


early voting

Be an Early Voting poll worker. 

Just like working on Election Day, except you get to spend seven days helping voters, instead of just one. You’ll be assigned to one location and work every other day, rotating positions in the polling place.  It’s a chance to earn more money, and the camaraderie that comes from working with your Early Voting team over a two-week period is priceless.  


September/October:  Training (5 hrs)
October: Polling place set-up, if available (2 hrs)
October 22 - November 4: Work every other Day (6 a.m. - approx 8 p.m.)

Earn $150 to $250/day, depending on the position.

Apply here.



Election prep

Be an Election Prep worker.

We’re a large county, so we need lots of people at our Elections Service Center on Falkenburg Road to help with logistical and organizational tasks. If you have a positive attitude, several weeks of time available and an interest in helping, this is the perfect opportunity to earn some extra money for a vacation or holiday gifts!


October - November 9:  Work daily (8 hrs/day)

Earn $15/hr.

Apply here.

If you have questions about any of these positions, email

If you'd like to help us recruit more poll workers and election prep workers, please share this flyer with your friends and colleagues.