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Press Releases

10/16/2020 Early Voting Starts Monday in Hillsborough County
10/6/2020 Florida Registration Deadline Extended
10/2/2020 2020 General Election Registration Deadline Approaching
10/1/2020 2020 General Election: Tampa Bay Area Voters Guide for Media
09/28/2020 Supervisor of Elections to Conduct Public Test of Election Equipment Wednesday
09/18/2020 First 2020 General Election Ballots in the Mail
09/08/2020 Announcing Raymond James Stadium for Early Voting
09/04/2020 Announcing the use of Amalie Arena for Early Voting
08/21/2020 Official Primary Election Results Certified
08/20/2020 Unofficial Primary Election Results Certified
08/18/2020 Unofficial Primary Election Results Posted
08/16/2020 One More Day of Early Voting in Hillsborough County
08/07/2020 Hillsborough County Primary Election Update
08/03/2020 First Day Of Early Voting For The 2020 Primary
07/31/2020 Early Voting Starts Monday For The 2020 Primary
07/22/2020 Supervisor of Elections to Conduct Public Test of Election Equipment Friday
07/20/2020 2020 Primary Election Registration Deadline
07/17/2020 2020 Primary Election Registration Deadline Approaching
07/13/2020 Supervisor of Elections Craig Latimer Announces Offices Reopening
07/03/2020 First Ballots Out
06/23/2020 Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections Shares 2020 Election Plans 
06/12/2020 Supervisor of Elections has Qualified more than 200 Hillsborough County Candidates for 2020 
05/26/2020 Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections Craig Latimer announces reopening of Elections Service Center
05/11/2020 Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections Wants to Deliver the Election to You
05/04/2020 Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections Craig Latimer Sworn In as President of Florida Supervisors of Elections
04/24/2020 Judicial Candidates Qualified for 2020 Primary Election Ballot
04/10/2020 Office Closures Extended
04/02/2020 Getting Ready for 2020 Elections
03/27/2020 Official Results Certified
03/20/2020 Unofficial Results Certified
03/18/2020 Temporary Office Closures
03/17/2020 Unofficial Results Released
03/16/2020 Coronavirus Update 3
03/14/2020 Voting Options - Presidential Preference Primary
03/12/2020 Coronavirus Update 2
03/11/2020 Coronavirus Preparedness Update
03/06/2020 Friday Early Voting Update
03/04/2020 Hillsborough County: What to Know about Voting Before Election Day
03/02/2020 1st Day of Early Voting
02/28/2020 Early Voting Starts Monday
02/19/2020 Supervisor of Elections to Conduct Public Test of Election Equipment Friday
02/18/2020 Student Recognition on the eve of the Presidential Preference Primary Registration Deadline
01/31/2020 First 2020 Presidential Preference Primary Ballots in the Mail
01/07/2020 Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections Announces Scholarship Opportunity
12/26/2019 VoteHillsborough Art Contest Deadline January 10
12/10/2019 Polling Place Changes for 2020
11/15/2019  Behind-the-Scenes at Your Election Office
04/25/2019  Official Results Certified
04/23/2019 Results Reported
04/12/2019  Early Voting Starts Sunday
04/03/2019  Public Logic & Accuracy Test Friday
03/19/2019  Runoff Ballots Mailed 
03/15/2019 City of Tampa Runoff Election Update
03/08/2019 Official Results of the City of Tampa Municipal Election
03/08/2019 City of Tampa Election Manual Recount Today
03/07/2019 City of Tampa Election Recounts Ordered
03/05/2019  City of Tampa Results Update
02/25/2019  Day 1 Early Voting 
02/22/2019  Early Voting Starts Monday 
02/14/2019  Logic & Accuracy Test 
01/29/2019  56,000+ Tampa Ballots Out
01/22/2019  First Ballots Mailed
01/18/2019  Qualified Candidates for Tampa Election
01/14/2019  City of Tampa Qualifying 
12/31/2018  FSASE Scholarship
11/18/2018  Official Results Certified 
11/16/2018  Manual Recounts Completed
11/15/2018  Recount Update
11/15/2018 Canvassing Update
11/10/2018  Recounts to Begin Sunday 
11/08/2018  Canvassing Update
11/08/2018 Hillsborough County Canvassing Board Meets Tonight
11/07/2018  Election Night Update
10/26/2018  General Election Update
10/22/2018  Turnout Update 
10/19/2018 Early Voting Starts Monday
10/15/2018  Public Logic & Accuracy Test
10/05/2018  Registration Deadline
09/28/2018 2018 General Election ballots going out Tuesday
09/24/2018 National Voter Registration Day
09/21/2018 First Ballots in the Mail (UOCAVA)
09/13/2018 Recruiting Election Workers
08/23/2018 USF Early Voting Site Announcement
08/22/2018  Day 10 Early Voting Update 
08/17/2018  Election Turnout Update
08/13/2018  Unofficial Turnout Update 
08/08/2018 All For Transportation Petition Certification
08/07/2018  Election Update
07/20/2018 2018 Primary ballots going out Tuesday
07/13/2018  First Ballots in the Mail 
06/22/2018 Supervisor of Elections has Qualified 171 Hillsborough County Candidates for 2018
06/11/2018  School Board Resignation Creates Open Seat
05/14/2018  Students and Schools Recognized for Civic Engagement 
03/20/2018  Florida Joins ERIC to Improve Voter Rolls 
02/23/2018 Registering High School Students to Vote
01/04/2018 Successful Manual Audit of 2017 Special General Election
12/22/2017 Announcing a Scholarship Opportunity for College Students
12/19/2017  Unofficial Results Announced: House District 58
12/19/2017 Today is Election Day: House District 58
12/18/2017  Tomorrow is Election Day: House District 58
12/08/2017 Early Voting Starts Saturday for 2017 Special General Election
11/20/2017 Deadline to Register to Vote in the House District 58 Special General Election
11/14/2017 House District 58 Special General Election Update: 19,076 Ballots in the Mail
11/03/2017  Special General Election-First Ballots in the Mail 
10/30/2017 Behind-the-Scenes at Your Elections Office:  An Open House
10/20/2017  Official Results Certified 
10/10/2017  Unofficial Results Posted 
10/09/2017  Election Day is Tomorrow
10/09/2017  Two New Plant City Polling Place Changes
10/06/2017  One More Day of Early Voting
10/02/2017  Tracking Early Turnout
09/29/2017  Early Voting Starts Saturday 
09/25/2017  National Voter Registration Day is Tomorrow
09/05/2017  Special Election Update: 10,403 Ballots in the Mail
08/25/2017  First Ballots Out for 2017 Special Election 
08/16/2017  Qualified Candidates Announced for Special Election - State Rep., District 58
08/04/2017  Special Election for City of Temple Terrace Mayor
08/03/2017  HD58 Special Election: What Candidates and Voters Need to Know
06/29/2017 Early Independence Day Celebration 
03/21/2017 Deadline for Scholarship Opportunity is March 29
01/17/2017 Scholarship Opportunity for College Juniors and Seniors
01/03/2017  Supervisor Latimer Sworn in For Second Term


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